Charlie Judice

Editor, Red House Branch Swamp Life

July 20, 2016




Whither Code Compliance


There is a small faction of the Old Sebastian Point community that have no intention of following the Rules and Regulations codified in the Declaration and By-Laws of the HOA. They were quite content when the Developer (Landon) had control of the HOA Board in that they rarely exercised their fiduciary responsibilities. The one candidate that clearly spelled out his intention to follow the rules just barely received enough votes to be on the Board. One member of the current Code Compliance Committee admitted on Nextdoor to completely disregarding the rule about recreational boating on our lakes (Stormwate Retention Ponds to be more precise). At the May 25 Board meeting a flier summarizing the most important rules was distributed but only half a dozen homeowners took a copy. The chairwoman of the Rules and Regs Committee posted on the Alsop site many rules but left out the one regarding violations regarding the use of the lakes.

In September the homeowners of OSP will be asked to nominate themselves for a position on the Board.   Exactly how many open positions there will be is now up in the air.  The issue for all OSP residents is to what extent they want their deed restriction community to become more of a laissez faire community.   Let everyone do as they please.  Or shall we have a Board that adheres to their sworn statement to uphold the regulations we all signed on to when we purchased our homes here.