Computer Fluency Course

This course on Computer Fluency was developed under an NSF grant by a collaboration of the nation's leading Computer Scientists and Educators. Those taking the course should order the text "Computer Fluency" by Lawrence Snyder. Each week an additional set of slides covering the 28 chapters will be added.

Factoid: Your smartphone (Android or iPhone), your iPAD, iMAC, PowerBook and many other devices all run a version of the UNIX operating system developed at Bell Labs in 1972.

Factoid: A report from Apteligent in San Francisco, Calif., suggests that smartphone app performance slows by 15 percent in the summer. While the company can't absolutely identify the culprit, humidity is probably to blame. Water vapor absorbs and scatters radio waves—especially at frequencies above 1 gigahertz, in the bands used by LTE wireless communication.